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Stage Fright/Performance Anxiety

Do you or anyone you know experience stage fright, performance or exam anxiety? Does the thought of standing up in front of any number of people give you the heebie jeebies...create butterflies in your stomach or simply freeze you in your spot? Have you done the research, put in the hours of practice or study, and reassured yourself that you absolutely know the material that you are presenting, performing or testing on... only to have that familiar feeling of shortness of breath, shaking knees and sweaty palms?

Would you like some help with that? Would you like some peace with that?

I know how it can feel to face that stage, podium or exam paper and freeze up. How frustrating it can be after all of the hours of work and study have been put in to feel those familiar feelings of fear creep back in and have you questioning your expertise, your aptitude, what you know you absolutely know. It can be heartbreaking and so disappointing to miss out on performing up to your full potential and to not deliver in the way that you know you can.

As an opera singer, recitalist and even a teacher I have had to face these fears on a regular basis and learn how to cope and thrive with these feelings. Through my years of being on different stages, performing, presenting, auditioning, examining, I love to bring my expertise to assist you in figuring out your unique puzzle. What if there was just one little piece of the puzzle required to help bring some ease into your life around this? What if the answer was within you? Melding together techniques from my own experiences as well as Accelerated Evolution processes we will put the pieces together to create more space and ease around performing, presenting, examinations, auditions and standing in your powerful presence.

In the words of Dinah who was experiencing anxiety in different areas of her life: "I began lessons with Liesel to strengthen my singing voice, never in a million years would I have thought it was the beginning of a life changing experience. My voice has changed within my every day life. I have more confidence and support in speaking up and expressing myself. I cannot imagine my life had I not had the opporutnity to work alongside LIesel and form a supportive and trusting mentorship, and even more than that - a friendship. Liesel has taught me techniques that help with stress and anxiety, and tricks to get into my body when everything else feels out of control".

As I sign off I will leave you with a thought that I love to ponder...there is virtually no difference between what we experience with fear and what we experience with excitement. Both emotions bring us butterflies in the stomach, shortness of breath and sweaty palms to name a few. What would happen…what would change…how would we feel if we simply shift, even just 2 percent, into the idea of being excited about something instead of being fearful of it.

Let's find out!

I would love to meet with you! You can either DM me or go to my website: and book a free Discovery Call. Let's create something new for you!!

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