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Comprehensive vocal development over a semester of 3 months

$739 - $1479

  |  Virtual  |  

12 Sessions



Everything and anything, any genre of music, expression, communication, breath, connecting to the breath, breathing, intonation, how to practice, tools for singing, coming in touch with the body while singing, creating ease with singing, creating flow with singing, interpretation, different languages, diction (classical music you sing in Italian, French or German), IPA, pronunciation, rhythm


The three month package is the best value for overall progress and for financial savings.

I always encourage people to choose the three month package for a few reasons:

HABITS: Three months is enough time to build a new habit! We will be identifying spaces for growth and supporting you with practices to achieve your goals. This does not happen overnight! We want to build good habits both in your singing technique and your overall internal landscape.

COMMITMENT: When we invest in ourselves, what we are really doing is making a commitment to our personal development. The three month container is essentially a signalling to yourself that you're ready to step into this growth!

PROGRESS: As mentioned in the previous points, lasting change rarely occurs overnight! By showing up regularly for three-months you are sure to see the progress you are hoping for!



The way I work is we decide upon a time, we commit to a time, and I will show up specifically for you. I am prepared, present, and focused on you. This is how I work, and I ask that you strive to match me in this commitment.

Cancellations by Students - Minimum 24-hour notice for cancellations. Any cancellations within 24 hours will be processed as a payment and are non-refundable.

Cancellations by Liesel - Any cancellations will be rescheduled and honored.

Refunds - All payments are final once processed and reimbursements will not be issued. This is why we move through the Discovery Call together to ensure that you are ready to make the commitment both to yourself and financially!

Late Arrivals - Class begins at the specified time. Any late arrivals do not impact the allotted session "end-time".

Class Expirations - All expiration dates are stated within the purchase package and the unused classes cannot be rolled over to a later date. This process is automated, meaning that at the end of a 3-month package, 1-month package, or single session any unused classes will terminate at their specified date.

Scheduling Classes - It is the students responsibility to ensure that they have scheduled all of their classes within the expiration timeline.

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