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Whether it is singing or speaking, connecting to your voice, your power, your courage, your strength—speaking from your core and connecting to that power center to be powerful on stage, in a boardroom, in a classroom, or in your house with your children or your partner—coming from a place of being able to speak your truth, know who you are, and recognize your value.'


I am passionate about empowering you to find your authentic voice. Whether you are a professional or a beginner with aspirations to pursue singing as a career, or to simply sing in the shower, we will work together to strengthen your connection with your body and voice. I work with clients of all ages and stages using a combination of technique and artistry to highlight and share your unique gifts and bring strength to your individual voice.

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Who are you? How do you want to show up in the world? Are you aware of your goals and dreams? What about your fears and the stories that are holding you back? When we enter into a singing or coaching space together, these are the areas of life that we will explore. My goal is to assist you in your self-discovery process. I will be with you to witness your growth and to offer tools to support you in taking control of your path. The more we know ourselves, the more autonomy we have over our own life. This is how singing and coaching sessions come together. The more you know your unique voice the more confidently you will be able to sing or speak your authentic sound into the world!


Breath is the life-force energy in our body and the basis for all sound that is released. When we soften into allowing our body to perform and move in the way that it was built to move, and supply our voice with the breath it requires, we create the greatest ease in accessing the power of our voice. Ultimately, we want to find the path of least resistance and greatest ease when singing or speaking and allow that flow to transfer into the rest of our lives. Your breath carry’s your voice…your very unique, one of a kind sound…let it flow out of you like a wave carrying your voice, your words, your thoughts and ultimately your song.


Life has a tendency to create pressure points, anxieties and challenges. Growth is discovered when we face our friction spaces with a willingness to "try" and "learn".  Whether you are facing stage performance anxieties, trying to connect to your authentic voice, have fears of being heard or seen, feel stuck in your breath or any number of the infinite number of blocks that could be coming up in your life I look for the most ease filled path to get you there. I use my 30 plus years of training and performing as a classically trained opera singer, my masters in psychology, and my most recent training as an Accelerated Evolution coach to guide you along the path of least resistance to help you connect to where you want to be! What would it be like to create more ease and space connecting to your voice, your breath and your life?


Singing is not just an art form; it's an empowering journey that enriches both your life and voice. Singing transcends boundaries, fostering self-confidence, self-expression, and emotional well-being. As you explore the depths of your vocal range, you unlock hidden potential, discover your unique sound, and gain the tools to communicate your emotions effectively. Singing is not just about hitting the right notes; it's about finding your inner harmony and unleashing the power within your voice, making it the ultimate instrument of self-empowerment.



Discover answers to common queries about voice coaching services, scheduling, fees, and more. Your voice journey starts here!

What can I expect during my singing lessons with Liesel?

Voice lessons are tailored to the needs of each individual. We work together to find what suits your individual voice and journey best.

How often are voice lessons scheduled?

Your sessions will be as frequent as you'd like! We can have lessons once a week, every other week, twice a week. Its really up to you. You have the option to purchase single sessions or save and commit to a Month of Sessions (4 singing lessons) or a Three Months of Sessions (12 singing lessons)

How long do singing lessons last?

You have the option to book in for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes at a time.

How do I get started with my singing lessons?

First, book a Discovery Call! This way both you and I will have the opportunity to connect and identify some of your goals and "why's" for finding your voice. From there, I will provide you with a link to book your preferred session schedule.

What are the physical benefits of singing?

Activates the parasympathetic nervous system as our body coordinates to breathe more fully!

Lowers cortisol levels, meaning less stress!

Releases endorphins, to help you feel better!

Creates new neural pathways, brain building!

Benefits of singing that you may not have considered

gain confidence - strengthen your speaking voice

connect to your body - discover your authentic voice

breathe more fully - become more present and aware

expand your world with learning - create more brain pathways

step into and move through fears - increase your focus

develop greater discipline - learn how to shift habits

A supportive system that guides you through mental and emotional blocks or resistance. Each session is customized to address your unique needs and assist you in navigating life's challenges. They are led by you. I am here to provide support as you explore and transform the feelings associated with these blocks, empowering you to move through obstacles and achieve your goals.


Whether your aspirations are spiritual, emotional, family-related, work-related, or relationship-focused, these sessions facilitate a shift in emotional energy, dissolve conflicts or traumas, ultimately allowing you to choose your path forward from a place of neutrality and clarity.



with Liesel Fedkenheuer

Book a Discovery Call in order to complete the booking process. Let’s meet and connect to ensure we’re both the right fit for one another.


1 month commitment

4 sessions

Voice & singing lessons


Intensive vocal growth in just one transformative month of sessions


3 months commitment

12 sessions

Voice & singing lessons


Comprehensive vocal development over a semester of 3 months



No commitments

1 session

Voice & singing lessons


Experience immediate vocal improvements with a single focused session

Private Voice & Piano Instructor

Jocelyn B.

I was lucky enough to take lessons with Liesel for almost 4 years after completing a Masters of Music in Vocal Performance. Liesel is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and kind. She was able to troubleshoot vocal issues and give me many different exercises to address them. I left every lesson a better singer than when I came in. But what I loved most about my lessons was that Liesel always made me feel open and confident about my singing. Her positive personality and generous spirit truly made for a wonderful learning experience. ​ Thank you Liesel!


My teenage daughter and I both studied with Liesel and loved the experience. ​ My daughter is a more advanced singer and benefited from Liesel's high level of knowledge and vocal training. She progressed beautifully under Liesel's instruction. ​ I started as an adult beginner and was terrified! Liesel instantly put me at easy with her calm and friendly demeanor. To be very honest, Liesel helped me find my voice! Over time it became easier to talk in general, whether in a boardroom presentation or a social situation. I had more clarity, ease, flow, and power in my words. I grew to be a more confident singer but also a more confident person. I whole heartedly recommend Liesel!

Creative Designer

Dinah J.

I began lessons with Liesel to strengthen my singing voice, never in a million years would I have thought it was the beginning of a life changing experience. My voice has changed within my every day life. I have more confidence and support in speaking up and expressing myself. I cannot imagine my life had I not had the opportunity to work alongside Liesel and form a supportive and trusting mentorship, and even more than that - a friendship. Liesel has taught me techniques that help with stress and anxiety, and tricks to get into my body when everything else feels out of control. Thank you, Liesel, for teaching me to soften into my body and become the person I am supposed to be!

Mezzo Soprano

Heather Byford

During my 5 years of voice lessons with Liesel, she helped me both to develop a solid technical foundation, and to explore my own creativity and path as a musician. I have had the pleasure of hearing Liesel as an inspiring performer in concert as well. Her vocal prowess and significant performance experience, combined with boundless patience and kindness, make her an ideal mentor for singers at any stage of learning. Liesel continuously seeks out new information and shares resources to help her students develop a well-rounded approach to singing. Developing good physical and emotional vocal health is always a priority in her lessons. During the last year of my studies with Liesel, she helped me to prepare and pass the audition for a Masters Degree in Voice Performance. Liesel has remained a trusted mentor and friend as I have moved on into the next step of my musical career.

Irene Dizon

Ms. Liesel has been an exceptional voice coach for my daughter since 2020. We couldn't have asked for a better mentor. My daughter enjoyed her lessons, thanks to Ms. Liesel’s patience, extensive training, and deep knowledge of vocal coaching. Her own impressive voice was an inspiration. Under her guidance, my daughter honed her singing skills, boosting her confidence. We're so grateful to Ms. Liesel, not just as a voice coach but also as a friend to Megan!



Liesel has taught me voice for the past two years, and I have learnt so much from her teaching and expertise. The things that I learned range from getting better at singing in French, Italian and German, and learning how to be very legato when I am singing. She also taught me that my dreams to be an opera singer are possible, and she is part of the reason why I am training to be an opera singer today. Without her teachings, I would have never became the singer I am today.

Dr. S.D, Europe

Liesel has been a ray of sunshine in my life for the last 18 months. I started seeing her for singing lessons but quickly realized that I had other needs and that she had other gifts. With compassionate presence, EFT and now the processes of her coaching course, she has been helping me work through difficult issues in my life. I am most grateful for her wisdom, multiple approches and optimism. She has helped me move forwards in ways I did not dare imagine.

Steph Mancini - Sunny Side up Always!

You know the old saying it's all at the tip of our tongue?! Well Liesel blew the lid off that one, She opened me up to a whole new world... that's at the tip of our lung! I am not a traditional singer, I've just had a deep passion for the Universal heartbeat that expresses through all forms of music. As someone who connects to her own artistic expression through lyrics, rhymes and prose, I had been hiding behind barely breathing, until connecting with this powerhouse who reconnected me to my own powerhouse. There's soooooooooo much innate wisdom in our body, its' ability to be an instrument in and of itself. As someone who has been formally trained in yoga and other mind/body modalities, this opened me back up to a natural innate rhytmn that resides within all of US! An energy indescribable yet transcribable... through the breath. Until the fat lady sings?! ... NO, until we discover our lungs have their own set of wings!


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